Commercial Cooler and Freezer Leasing Options In Lawrence, MI

If you manage a restaurant, convenience store, or brewery, you need coolers and freezers for your products. If you don’t want the cost of purchasing your own equipment that you have to maintain, you may consider leasing. American Cooler Technologies is committed to providing you with the equipment you need for your business at a price that meets your budget. We proudly work with the experienced professionals at Curtis Funding to design a leasing option that is right for you.

Coolers and Freezers for Lease

You can lease a variety of our high quality coolers, which are manufactured with a wood frame and built for strength. Our team will talk with you about your needs and guide you through the various options that may be best suited for your business and budget. Choose from beer coolers and display coolers designed to keep your products at the optimum temperature.

If you are in need of a walk-in freezer, we have several options to choose from. Like our coolers, they are made with the highest quality of materials and are designed to last.

Pricing and Terms

We partner with the experienced team at Curtis Funding for all your cooler and freezer leasing needs. You can contact Phil Tarchala at 269-657-6384 for more details about pricing and terms, or visit the Curtis Funding website.

Whether you are just starting out, expanding, or simply don’t want the expense of buying a lot of equipment right now, consider leasing our high quality coolers or freezers. Contact us today to talk with one of our professionals about your business needs.