If you’re in the market for a walk in cooler and a walk in freezer, have you considered a cooler-freezer combination unit? These units have several advantages to save you money. In today’s tough economy, most businesses are looking to reduce costs wherever possible.

You may be asking yourself “How will a cooler freezer combination unit save me money?” First of all, it uses fewer materials, which equals lower costs. The reason that fewer materials are used is because the cooler and freezer share a common wall. So, instead of having a cooler with four walls and a freezer with four walls for a total of eight, your unit will actually have a cooler with three walls and a freezer with four walls for a total of seven.

Now, let’s consider how efficiently a cooler freezer combo will operate. When you have two separate units, there is a lot of cold air lost every time the door opens. Whenever you lose cold air you’re losing money since your condensing unit and coil(s) have to kick on to cool your unit back down to the desired temperature. Now, imagine if you have an entrance door on your common wall. This will be very beneficial because it will allow you to exchange cold air with even colder air. For example, if you enter through the cooler and have a door on your common wall, when you open the common wall door you’ll be exchanging (in most cases) 35 degree air and -10 degree air. This saves energy because the air you’re exchanging is already cooled, not the case with having two exterior entrance doors that allow room temperature air to invade the cooler, causing your condensing unit to run.


Many people overlook what type of insulation is being used in the units they purchase. After all, all insulation is the same, right? Actually, no. American Cooler Technologies uses polyurethane insulation, which we strongly believe is the best insulation available. Polyurethane offers a high R-value, while also being extremely durable. Many competitors are using extruded polystyrene, which is basically foam board that you see for sale at the big box retail stores. This foam board works for a while, however it’s easy to break and crack. Once it breaks or cracks, cold air starts to leak, which leads to higher energy bills.


We want you to have a very strong and durable cooler freezer combination unit. That’s why we build all of our panels using wood frame construction, to stand up to the daily abuse your unit will take. Every day we receive phone calls from disgruntled people who have coolers or freezers that are falling apart, and sometimes these were just recently built! But with our rugged wood frame construction, you’ll rest easy knowing you have some of the strongest cooler freezer combo panels in the industry.


Not everyone will stay in the same building throughout the life of their business, and that’s why all of our panels are built using cam locks. This allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble your cooler freezer combo unit. To assemble, simply slide two of our tongue and groove panels together, then use our provided allen wrench to turn the cam locks 3/4 of a turn to lock them in place, that’s it! Then, if you relocate, you can simply disassemble the unit and transport it to your new location.

American Cooler Technologies wants you to be satisfied with your new cooler freezer combo unit. If you’re in the market, please give us a call and allow us to provide you with a free quote. Our friendly and helpful sales staff would be more than happy to assist you on your new project and answer any questions!