Beer cooler- Lawrence, MI- American Cooler TechnologiesWhen it comes to beer coolers, it’s very important to get a well-made unit. After all, nobody likes warm beer, and nothing’s more disappointing than finding a lukewarm brew in the cooler you expected to keep it cold. If you’re looking for a beer cooler that you can depend on to keep your beverages as frosty as you’d like, look no further than American Cooler Technologies. Our beer coolers are quality built using wood-frame construction and polyurethane insulation, a winning combination that few in the beer cooler industry offer.
Not only do we offer a high-caliber product, we also offer full custom manufacturing. We can build your beer cooler in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. We are located in Lawrence, MI, but can ship to anywhere in the U.S. We are also proud to offer 24-hour shipping!

Here at American Cooler Technologies, we know how important it is to keep our customers happy. Therefore we fully understand our consumer’s desire to keep their customers satisfied. What better way to make a our customers happy than to supply them with the ability to keep their beer at the optimal ice-cold temperature? Our beer coolers will allow you to do just that. Many like to maintain a temperature of 35 degrees, however some like their beer extra cold and decide to maintain a temperature of 32 degrees. No matter what temperature you’re looking to maintain, our polyurethane insulated panels have got your beer cooler covered! Browse our website or give our Lawrence office a call to learn more about our selection, custom options, and quick shipping.


When it comes to insulation, not all insulations are created equal. Many of our competitors are using extruded polystyrene as insulation for their beer coolers. While this may get the job done, we at American Cooler Technologies feel that our polyurethane insulation goes above and beyond what extruded polystyrene has to offer. After all, it’s your insulation that will keep your new beer cooler cold. Any time you’re losing cold air due to poor insulation, you’re losing money in the process. Polyurethane offers the benefit of a superior R-value when compared to extruded polystyrene, while also offering more durability.


Speaking of durability, American Cooler Technologies builds all of our panels using wood-frame construction. This makes for a VERY sturdy beer cooler. When it comes to beer coolers, they can take a lot of punishment. Every day your beer cooler will be put to the test, whether it be from customers constantly going in and out of your unit, the delivery person bumping his hand cart of pallet jack against your walls, or in some cases forklifts clipping the edge of the wall. Every day we receive phone calls from customers who have a beer cooler, display cooler, or other types of walk-in coolers who have units that are falling apart. Sometimes these units are only a few years old! With our wood framed panels, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have one of the most sturdy beer coolers money can buy!


At American Cooler Technologies, we understand that for a variety of circumstances not everyone stays in the same building throughout the course of their businesses life. Should you decide to relocate, why not take your beer cooler with you? We allow you to do just that! Our panels are assembled using a simple, yet effective, cam-lock system. Our panels can be put together and disassembled in a matter of minutes. Simply slide two panels together using our tongue and groove system, then, using the provided allen wrench turn the cam locks to their locked position (illustrated in the included instruction manual). It really is that simple!

We want nothing more than for you to be satisfied with your new beer cooler purchase. It is a big purchase and one that should be made after doing a lot of research. Let our friendly sales team at American Cooler Technologies help guide you in the right direction on your new beer cooler. We offer free, no hassle quotes and will gladly answer any questions you may have. You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain!